Are You Being Conned By Your PR Agency?

Earned + Paid Media, The Jig Is Up!

eTN loves to work with qualified PR agencies as partners, and like those agencies who are paid for their services, we need to be paid for our services, too. Looking to eTN to get your message out is brilliant because we are known to provide interesting, fresh, and unique content.

In an era of costly digital marketing and fat-cat advertising, some marketing and PR agencies often sell their clients media programs that simply will not produce measurable results. Unfortunately, the client is often the last to know this, finding out the hard way with unsatisfactory value/ROI for their PR budget.

Most press releases are sent to us by highly paid agencies, presuming we will simply publish their client media releases without any cost. They base this on the assumption that we need their content. We receive literally hundreds of releases and stories every single day, so no, we are not hungry for content.

And no, we could not afford to publish most media release presented without compensation. A PR agency doesn’t provide free services, and neither do legitimate media platforms.

While a PR agency has written a nice media release, the vast majority of agencies simply churn out the release to its list of media databases, hoping for freebie publication. This is what the industry  calls “Earned Media.”  On the other hand, “Paid Media” gives you full control over your branding and messaging.

As a client, you presumably pay your agency handsomely to write and place media releases with strategically sound, highly targeted, media outlets.

However, that simply does not occur most of the time.  It benefits agencies to rely on slip-shod distribution that doesn’t cost them a dime out of their fees from clients. This is precisely where the client con may occur.

Your marketing budget is being squandered if your agency of record is simply spewing out your media releases to databases or mass distribution systems like PR Newswire or Cision database, relying on so-called Earned Media, without also using your budget for well planned Paid Media insertions into key publications.

PR Newswire or similar services will produce impressive reports on irrelevant coverage, (Yahoo Financial, secondary pages on impossible to find secondary pages at contracted publications). PR Newswire is charging eTN a “license fee” to publish mass content already circulated by them. (more)

We can work cohesively with your agency of record, or your in-house PR team, adding the additional value and layer of substantial expertise with Google keywords and SEO optimization. In addition to having top positioning in our publication and our extended network, expect immediate results in Google News positioning often seen by millions.

We can also work directly, ensuring optimal targeted distribution using relevant Google-friendly headlines and trigger keywords.  Either way, our contributions will ensure a longer shelf life of your news and strategically smart and meaningful brand building within the PR arena.

If you, or your agency, would like to learn more about Paid Media, with specific costs, please take a look at or specifically at and or contact us at

We stand ready to help you drive your PR investment further, with a legitimate targeted distribution of well-crafted media releases and a storyline that will deliver measurable results.