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  • Readership: 230,000 travel industry professionals, 17,000 journalists, 1.3 million average consumers
  • Geographical reach:30% North America, 30% in Europe, strong in Africa, Gulf Region & the Middle East, Central, East, and Southern Asia, Australia and Pacific. Limited in South America, China.
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  • Expected reach on Podcast outside the traditional eTurboNews network 50,000+
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eTurboNews: Travel Industry professionals worldwide including selling trade, MICE, PR, aviation, hospitality, associations, governments, and media.1-3 feature articles, 10-25 news articles a day. Mirrored in 60+ web distribution centers around the world including, and many more.

TravelWireNews: Truly international content with a touch of travel, tourism and human rights. 200+ articles a day. Mirrored in 40+ web distribution centers around the world. Mirrored with content from eTurboNews to increase reach Travel Industry professionals worldwide: Most readers find through links and partnerships. : Breaking news before it breaks. Raw, not yet edited and immediate.

WorldTourismWire: Top leaders within UNWTO, WTTC, ETOA, ICTP, PATA, IIPT, IGLTA and other organizations. CEO of major companies and heads of tourism boards and CVB’s. 1-3 articles a week. Target readers are buyers and sellers in the Meeting and Incentive Travel Industry. News about airlines, airports, and organization in the aviation world including updates on people who run this industry. News about Hawaii for visitors and locals

Travelindustrydeals: Travel agents interested to learn about sales tools and special offers.10-20 offers a week. A portal for wine, gourmet, luxury and travel Trade and travelers interested in LGBT travel and tourism. Journalists interested in travel and tourism updates. 5-10 release postings a day. German language travel professionals. 2-5 articles a day. : German language publication for business travelers

Worldtourismevents: Event listings and promotions. Podcast & Videos

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