Alain St.Ange former Minister of Tourism Republic of the Seychelles and President African Tourism Board

If it wasn’t for eTurboNews, Seychelles Tourism would not be where it is today.

Constant global outreach to the global travel and tourism industry through eTurboNews, interaction with media receiving  eTN Forimmediaterelease wire and getting the message directly or indirectly  to millions of consumers helped to positioned  Seychelles Tourism.

Alain St. Ange

Director of Marketing Seychelles Tourism Board  2009
CEO Seychelles Tourism Board 2010-2012
Minister of Tourism and Culture 2012-2016
President of St.Ange Consulting 2017-2019

Republic of Seychelles

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Juergen Steinmetz, CEO

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What we have to offer:

  • Giving visibility through feature articles.
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  • Branding campaigns and positioning
  • Public Relations and representations 
  • Opinion building campaigns
  • Event promotions
  • Photo services, seminars and workshops
  • Webinars, Virtual Tourism Town Hall Events 

Sample client list: 

  • Tourism Authority of Thailand 
  • Bahamas Tourism Board
  • Seychelles Tourism Board 
  • Vanilla Island Tourism Organization
  • Brunei Tourism 
  • Guam Tourism Board
  • Jordan Tourism Board 
  • Korean Tourism Board
  • Hawaii Tourism Association 
  • Saudi Commission for Tourism 
  • California tourism 
  • City of Baden-Baden Tourism Board 
  • German Tourism Board
  • African Tourism Board
  • Uganda Tourism Board
  • Sri Lanka Tourism Board 
  • Maldives Tourism Board 
  • Nepal Tourism Board
  • Bhutan Tourism 
  • Hong Kong Tourism Board 
  • Cape Town Tourism Board 
  • Jamaica Tourism Board
  • Jamaica Minister of Tourism
  • Bahrain Convention Center 
  • Rajasthan Chief Minister
  • Zimbabwe Minister of Tourism
  • Seychelles Minister of Tourism
  • Croatia Tourism Board
  • Dubai Tourism
  • Caribbean Tourism Organization
  • St. Kitts Tourism
  • Trinidad  & Tobago Tourism 
  • Antigua Tourism
  • Croatia Tourism Board 
  • Centara Hotels & Resorts
  • Outrigger Hotels & Resorts
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • Corinthia Hotels
  • Etihad Airways
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Qatar Tourism Board
  • International Institute for Peace Through Tourism
  • IMEX
  • World Travel Market (London, CapeTown and Sao Paulo)
  • Arabian Travel Market
  • OTM
  • Fairfest
  • PATA 
  • ETOA
  • New York Times Trade Show
  • BITTM China
  • TTG Asia
  • World Travel Awards
  • Community Marketing and Insight
  • LGBT Hawaii
  • Democratic Party (USA)
  • Routes
  • Sandals Resorts
  • City of Damyang, South Korea
  • World Tourism Forum
  • Africa Travel Association
  • African Tourism Board
  • Rwanda Kwita Izina 
  • Simpleview
  • Israel Tourism Consultant
  • Chauffeured Services
  • Vacation for Less
  • .travel 
  • Morocco Ministry of Tourism
  • Reunion Tourism
  • Mauritius Tourism 
  • City Poprat, Slovakia
  • Lotte Hotels
  • Vodohod Cruise Line, Russia
  • Rail Europe
  • OTM
  • Hawaii Visitors and Convention Center
  • ICTP
  • COVID-19 Task FOrce

It has been proven that eTurboNews is the foremost online venue to disseminate information to the rest of the global travel and tourism world and beyond.

That is why the WHO IS WHO and EVERY major tourism organization are keen in partnering with us: To put it simply, because we deliver results.

Getting people to talk about you doesn’t have to be complicated. 

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