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A stand at major travel exhibitions these days easily costs over US$50,000.
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The following tourism offices and stakeholders had been sending their newsletters and/or media releases through our database:

  • Tourism Authority of Thailand
  • Seychelles Tourism Board
  • Brunei Tourism
  • Jordan Tourism Board
  • Hawaii Tourism Association
  • Saudi Commission for Tourism
  • California Tourism
  • City of Baden Baden Tourism Board
  • International Institute for Peace Through Tourism
  • Book-A-Limo
  • Vacation 4 Less
  • Sri Lanka Tourism Board
  • Maldives Tourism Board
  • Hong Kong Tourism Board
  • Cape Town Tourism Board
  • Bahrain Convention Center
  • Croatia Tourism Board
  • African Tourism Board

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North America, German Language, Russian language, Europe
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-90 blasts: $20,250.00
-180 blasts: $33,750.00
-360 blasts: $47,250.00

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