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Earned Media & Breaking News Tips

We are asked every day many times  to publish  content as “earned media.” Please understand that “earned media” is a challenge for us.
Earned media” implies that there is an expectation that we will publish content that would directly help a brand as a free service.
We can tremendously add to the visibility of your brand, but may we kindly ask you to consider our commercial options below.
They will provide you with the option to increase coverage to 50+ syndicated publications, social media, Google and Bing News, multiple online search options, newsletter inclusion, and push notification. 
We would love to publish press releases promoting your commercial brand, including destinations, hotels, airlines, cruise-lines, events, people and promote research reports, but please understand it should be done using our affordable and highly effective commercial options. Giving visibility is our business. Please use our commercial plans

News posted using commercial option will never be blocked by paywalls.

We welcome non promotional breaking news tips to be considered for complimentary inclusion.  

Rules for accepting Commercial Postings

  • Not all paid content is automatically accepted for publication.
  • Your content must be unique and newsworthy for our audience.
  • Press-releases subject to eTN guidelines and should be well written.
  • Editorial assistance is available as a paid option.
  • Enhanced support including  SME positioning, keyword research, is available as a paid option.
  • All releases are subject to fact checks and approval by eTN editors
  • Some postings will not be visible on the home – page 
  • Payments for rejected content will be refunded.
  • No links to gambling sites, adult websites or websites that appear to have questionable or non verifiable content.
  • Approved and paid content will be published 24/7.

Included in Basic Commercial Postings

  • Publishing your article as news
  • Submitted to most major search engines
  • Included on the front page for a limited time.
  • Not marked sponsored depending on the content.
  • Not limited by paywalls, premium restrictions and available to all readers.
  • Included on email newsletters, except for eTurboNews where it is available as an additional option.
  • Included on RSS news-feeds

Basic Commercial Posting Rates | Select Publication(s)

Additional Options  

  • In addition to search engines, your article also submitted to Google News | Bing News | Yahoo News $25.00*
  • Links in your article marked as DO-FOLLOW $25.00**
  • Your article included on the daily eTN email newsletter $25.00*
  • Send as a Push Browser notification about your article: $25.00*
  • Lead story and a stand alone breaking news email alert with your article: $75.00* 
  • Add additional Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram $25.00*
  • Audio version of your article produced and added on as a podcast. Included on podcast searches on livestream, Anchor, Breaker,  Google, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Radio Public, Spotify  archived on 3 platforms: $250.00*
  • Add a commercial announcement to any non sponsored PODCAST, or sponsor a PODCAST: $100.00*
  • Breaking News video produced on your content and broadcasted throughout our channels live and delayed, seen on every page of our  websites during the broadcast, and archived: $750.00*
  • Posted as the top article on the publication home page(s) (frozen) for 24 hours : $250.00**
  • Basic Editorial Services (writing your release): $100.00**
  • SEO Research and Positioning: $100.00**
  • Permanent Banner in any non sponsored Article: $100.00**
  • Include a relevant DO-FOLLOW Link with a relevant anchor text in any non-sponsored article $50.00**
  • Your article published in 50+ Syndication Publications: $100.00**
  • Detailed Report: $50.00**

     *  Applies only to

    ** Charged once but applies to all selected publications

Additional Options available  for HawaiiNews Online only

  • Send as a Push notification: $10.00
  • Stand alone breaking news alert email: $25.00

Additional Options available for only  in German | Deutsch

  • Translation English-German: $50.00
  • Stand alone breaking news email alert $50.00

Additional Options available and applied to all publications


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Most of our Video, TV or Podcast  sessions include some or all or most of the following exposure and are all timely:

Interviews are usually also published on some or all of our publications and visible on eTN TV on top of every page:


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