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We welcome legitimate non promotional breaking news tips to be considered for complimentary inclusion. 


Earned Media

We are asked every day many times  to publish  content as “earned media.


Please understand that “earned media” is a challenge for us.

Earned media” implies that there is an expectation that we will publish content that would directly help a brand as a free service.


We can tremendously add to the visibility of your brand, but may we kindly ask you to consider our commercial options below.


They will provide you with the option to increase coverage to 60+ syndicated publications, social media, Google and Bing News, multiple online search options, newsletter inclusion, and push notification. 


We would love to publish press releases promoting your commercial brand, including destinations, hotels, airlines, cruise-lines, events, people and promote research reports, but please understand it should be done using our affordable and highly effective commercial options.



Giving visibility is our  business@


additional publications available for $50 each
5 posts:$500.00 - 25 posts $2,000.00 - 100 posts $6,000.00
  • Plan A : Target Consumers & Trade
  • Posted on
  • Included eTN Daily newsletters.
  • Included on POP UP and News Alerts
  • Submitted to Google Search
  • Submitted to Google News
  • Submitted to Yahoo Search
  • Submitted to Yandex Search
  • Submitted to BING and other major search engines
  • Submitted to BINGNews
  • Twitter posting included on one network
  • Tweet submitted to and tweets considered as breaking news posted as snippets.
  • Facebook eTN News Page included
  • Facebook Travel News Group posting
  • All links are do-follow
  • Click here to add Formmediaterelease Premium options FREE (applies for qualified self service posted press-releases only)

eTurboNews & Travelwirenews & forimmediatereleas

subject to editorial approval
5 posts: $750.00 - 25 posts $3,000.00 - 100 posts $9,000.00
  • Plan B: Target Consumers & Trade
  • All services from plan A are included
  • Posted to eTurboNews,,,
  • Submitted in three different versions to major search engines incl. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex
  • Included on 3+ different and independent eTN e-mail newsletters
  • Included on eTurboNews Destination Country edition and other categories depending on content
  • Twitter Posting included on two networks
  • Facebook posting included on two pages (eTN & TravelWireNews)
  • Basic SEO Optimization

eTurboNews PLUS 50+ partner publications

5 posts: $1,150.00 - 25 posts $4,600.00 - 100 posts: $13,800.00
  • Plan C : Target Consumers & Trade
  • All services from plan A and B are included
  • Posted to all relevant and additional eTN news portals depending on content (meetings, aviation, wines, gaytourism, luxurious, etc)
  • WhatsApp News alert posting included
  • SMS Text message alerts included
  • Multiple Facebook postings
  • Twitter Posting on multiple networks included
  • LinkedIn Posting Included
  • Submitted to additional 50+ syndication partners depending on content and geographical relevance
  • We generate 4 different versions of your release for multiple search and news exposure
  • Included on various email newsletters, including breaking news alerts, POP UP Alerts and RSS feeds.
  • Multiple listings (2+)on News Aggregators including Google News and Bing News
  • Included on eTN Rush and other breaking news alerts
  • SEO Optimized
  • Detailed Distribution Report with results will be provided

Impact Article

the ultimate in long lasting global visibility - all publications and syndicated partners included
$ 795
5 article: $3,150.00 - 25 Articles $12,500.00 - 100 articles: $37,500.00
  • Plan I : Target Consumers & Trade
  • All services from plan A and B, C are included
  • Full editorial and creative support
  • eTurboNews Feature Story category to be frozen on the top of the homepage for 24 hours
  • Lead Posting whenever possible
  • Submitted to our extended network of syndication, partners and affiliated publications 200+
  • Meant for visibility on the widest platform possible with different content version to improve circulation and attention
  • Extensive SEO research
  • Use of trendy trigger words designed for attention and long shelf life.
  • Different versions generated to achieve multiple listings on search engines and news aggregators like Google News
  • Included as a full story on (raw breaking news)

Individual Posting Options


$ 85
  • Webposting
  • e-newsletter
  • Major search engines
  • Social Media or

$ 50
  • Webposting
  • e-newsletter
  • Major search engines

$ 75
  • Web Posting
  • Major search engines
  • Social Media


$ 75
  • Webposting
  • Included in Journalist daily e-update
  • Major search engines
  • journalist alert included

German language
$ 100
  • Webposting
  • e-newsletter
  • Major search engines
  • Google News
  • Social Media

German language
$ 200
  • Webposting
  • e-newsletter
  • Major search engines
  • Google News
  • Social Media

$ 75
  • Webposting
  • e-newsletter
  • Major search engines

$ 60
  • Webposting
  • e-newsletter
  • Major search engines
  • LiSocial Media

$ 85
  • Webposting
  • e-newsletter
  • Major search engines
  • Social media

All postings can include “do-follow” links; are submitted to all major search engines and are not necessary marked “promotional” (depending on content)

What content could be accepted for paid distribution?

  • Not all paid content is automatically accepted for publication. Your content must be unique and newsworthy for our audience.
  • Press-releases subject to eTN guidelines and should be well written. Editorial assistance is available for a $100.00 fee.
  • All releases are subject to fact checks and approval by eTN editors. Payments for rejected content will be refunded.
  • No links to gambling, adult websites or websites that appear to have questionable non verifiable content.
  • All approved and paid content will be published 24/7 within hours or sooner.

Our Publications : Breaking news before it breaks. Raw, not yet edited and immediate. Target readers are buyers and sellers in the Meeting and Incentive Travel Industry. News about airlines, airports, and organization in the aviation world including updates on people who run this industry. News about Hawaii for visitors and locals

Travelindustrydeals: Travel agents interested to learn about sales tools and special offers.10-20 offers a week. A portal for wine, gourmet, luxury and travel. Trade and travelers interested in LGBT travel and tourism

  •  Cloned from eTurboNews,  but less prominent

Our Publications

  • TravelWireNews: Truly international content with a touch of travel, tourism and human rights. 200+ articles a day.  


  • German Language services: and reaching 10,000+ subscribers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria twice a week.


  • Syndication:
    Your article included on 50+ publications relevant to your content and geographical target.
  • Additional search engine indexing
  • Additional Google News, Yahoo, Bing News submission
  • RSS feed syndication 
    –  Detailed Report included  



  • Editorial Assistance
    Our professional writers are available to produce your press-release. Cost $100

Our publications Our flagship publication reaching with original content reaching 230,000 travel industry professionals and a potential of more than 1 million consumers worldwide.

Automatically included on,,,

Mirrored on servers positioned in 60+ cities around the globe.


Optimized by keywords resulting in prominent Google News positioning 


e-Newsletter inclusion:

eTN Rush:  Breaking News when it happens: 45,200 subscribers

IMPACT Article

Full editorial services. 
You have your own professional PR Team: Simply provide the content and we will do the rest.

If you are posting a completed press release instead, click here for our traditional press release posting options.

You don’t have your own PR team: Simply allow eTN to research and write your content.

In addition to your contracted impact articles, you can upload unlimited press releases to be considered for publication on forimmediaterelease and receive a 50% discount to upload unlimited releases on eTurboNews.

We fact check your content.

We schedule interviews, if desired.

We analyze your headlines and add “trigger words” to receive more openings.

We add “keywords” to get you positioned in Search Engines, Google News, and other news providers.

We analyze your content and make sure word selection will get your content a long shelf life.

We generate numerous versions of your article or press release for various publications.

We analyze Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn content to get you top attention on social media.

We prepare the article and include all our premium services explained here