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High Impact Exposure

Website Take Over

  • Website takeovers are appealing to for a number of different reasons:
  • High Impact. 
    Essentially, the reinforcement of the advertised brand gets additional exposure as a result of being seen multiple times on every single page, and on every single article.
  • Co-Branding. The high frequency (i.e., 100% SOV) of the ads also allows advertisers to maximize the co-branding benefits that come with being associated with the publisher. A homepage takeover is a way to create a link between the respected publication and brand being promoted.
  • For most sites, the homepage will be the most heavily-trafficked page. As such, it’s the most commonly targeted page for a takeover.
  • However, with eTurboNews advertisers take over not only our home page but more than 100,000 additional pages – every single article ever published.
  • Take over all banner spots on eTurboNews.com including all our article pages
  • All Google Adsense or other banners are replaced by your banner content


One Day  $2,750.00    One week ( 7 days)  : 12,500.00  One month (30 days)   $37,500.00

Exposure take Over

  • Your exclusive banner on all eTN Daily e-mail newsletters
  • Your banner on all eTN Weekly e-mail newsletters if your take over includes Saturday/ Sunday
  • Three impact articles a week: More information on impact articles click here
  • Up to one press release posting (provided by you)

Additional Rates

One Day: $1,250.00   One week (7 days)  $5,000.00   One Month (30 days) $ 15,000.00

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