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We love breaking non-commercial news tips.

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Press-Releases and Story pitches

We welcome non promotional and newsworthy story tips or press-releases.

What we consider:
– Important statements in response to breaking news situations
– New hotel openings
– Updates on associations
– New air routes
– Management changes

What we don't include for content published free

We usually don’t include in content published without a fee:
– DO FOLLOW links, contact information
– most source information (on surveys for example)
– additional promotional information on how nice a hotel is, how good an airline is. 
– Anything what could be considered “earned media” where we cannot earn.


We usually add a paywall to free content

A paywall may be added to any free content that will also be useful to a destination or a company or organization. In some cases we will publish but  add a paywall.
A paywall will allow only premium subscribers to see your content. It will limit openings and exposure tremendously. 
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