Podcast & Video Interviews

Most of our interviews, podcasts and Q&A sessions include some or all or most of the following exposure:


  1. eTurboNews www.eturbonews.com
  2. TravelWireNews www.travelwirenews.com 
  3. Hawaii News Online www.hawaiinews.online
  4. eTN www.etn.travel
  5. WorldTourismWire www.worldtourismwire.com
  6. Aviation: www.aviation.travel
  7. Meetings: www.meetings.travel
  8. Gaytourism: www.gaytourism.travel
  9. 50+ syndication partners. (Reach: www.travelnewsgroup.com/reach ) 
  10. Video & Podcast on livestream.travel
  11. Apple Podcast
  12. Breaker Podcast
  13. Google Podcast
  14. Overcast Podcast
  15. Pocket Casts
  16. Radio Public
  17. Spotify
  18. Syndication by RSS feeds
  19. Anchor.fm
  20. Rebuilding.travel: https://rebuilding.travel/meetings/
  21. YOU TUBE: www.youtube.com/eturbonews and partners
  22. FACEBOOK LIVE : https://www.facebook.com/eTurboNews/   | www.facebook.com/etnpage | 
  23. FACEBOOK Groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/buzztravel
  24. Telegram: https://t.me/travelnewsgroup
  25. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eturbonews/ 
  26. LinkedIn Group https://www.linkedin.com/company/etn
  27. Twitter: www.twitter.com/eturbonews + 11 Partner accounts
  28. WhatsApp: TravelNewsGroup
  29. Archived on all platforms


If invited by our editorial or rebuilding.travel team there is no cost

Commercial Options? 

20-30 second commercial spot within an upcoming session

  • Video: $300.00
  • Podcast: $200.00

Commercial Interview / Session

  • Video/ Zoom/ Podcast on Livestream session on livestream.travel  promoted with web-links as a non-interactive session 
  • Interactive Video/ Zoom/ Podcast/ eTN Article / Syndication/ Social Media Streaming session: session on livestream.travel promoted as a Q&A and interactive session throughout our network, streaming media, social media streaming, and articles on our publications, network, and discussion groups: $5,000.00
  •   Podcast Session: 20-30 min Podcast interview promoted throughout our network $750.00

Schedule and Questions? 


Questions: email jts@travelnewsgroup.com

More clarification: 
Request a short 15-minute meeting at https://travelnewsgroup.com/ceo

Schedule your interview:  

Please schedule your interview here: https://calendly.com/eturbonews/podcast