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Most of our interviews and Q&A sessions include some or all or most of the following exposure:


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  2. TravelWireNews 
  3. Hawaii News Online
  4. eTN
  5. WorldTourismWire
  6. Aviation:
  7. Meetings:
  8. Gaytourism:
  9. 50+ syndication partners. (Reach: ) 
  10. Video & Podcast on
  11. Apple Podcast
  12. Breaker Podcast
  13. Google Podcast
  14. Overcast Podcast
  15. Pocket Casts
  16. Radio Public
  17. Spotify
  18. Syndication by RSS feeds
  21. YOU TUBE: and partners
  22. FACEBOOK LIVE :   | | 
  23. FACEBOOK Groups:
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  27. Twitter: + 11 Partner accounts
  28. WhatsApp: TravelNewsGroup
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Is there a cost?

If our editor invited you to an interview, there is no cost.

Commercial Options

  • Add a 30 sec sponsor message or advertising spot to a current podcast: $100.00
  • Become a sponsor of an upcoming podcast. Your organization will be mentioned throughout the podcast  $300.00
  • A video or podcast to introduce your destination, your hotel, attraction, tour or product.
    We have passive and interactive sessions.
    Passive: We produce  publish and circulate  the podcast from a press-release or article. $500.00

    Active: We plan, announce, produce a video and podcast. We will invite guests and promote. After production we will prominently publish on all platforms: $2,500.00

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