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Breaking News Interview

If this is a breaking news story, timing is important, since we publish 24/7.

We do not always guarantee coverage. No brand name links or contact info please, unless you are also a sponsor, or use our priority interview option.

There is a no charge.

Priority Interview

Priority interviews are editorial, and part of our Breaking News coverage. This is not meant to be a sponsored participation, but we can link or mention your brand name or link to your website on news articles, or use it in the title below your name during the interview.

There is a $300.00 one-time charge

Panel Discussion | Q&A Interview

If this was an invitation to a live feature story, we request one week to promote and prepare.
We may invite an audience to allow a live Q&A, and promote the event to the public in advance.

There is no charge if invited, no promotions please, unless you are also a sponsor.

$1000.00 interview | $1500.00 panel 
included article, podcasts announcements
free if specifically invited by WTN

Your Video Release or Story Pitch

Include your MP4 video on our YOUTUBE channel, news content, press-releases, story pitches  and interviews. 

There is a no charge. for approved content

Please email your MP4 video or MP3 audio (podcast) using VIMEO or email to using WETRANSFER 

Available Sponsorship Options

Rates per event. One event is usually shown hundreds of times to our entire audience on multiple platforms.

Alternatively we always welcome your general contribution.

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