Invitation: Livestream Feature Q&A or Breaking News Interview

eTN TV in cooperation with the World Tourism Network, and Livestream would like to invite you to be the focus for a Breaking News Q&A discussion on an upcoming live and recorded global zoom or podcast session.

There is no cost if invited. This is also not meant to be a commercial, but an editorial or informational session. We don’t guarantee coverage, we don’t promote brands, we focus on newsworthiness.

If you’re interested in commercial events, please click here for more options. 

How does it work?

Read, watch and listen to a recent Q&A we did with St. Kitts:




Another example for an event we recently did for World Travel Market:  or Brainstorming with Aviation leaders:



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Event types

If this is a breaking news story, timing is important, since we publish 24/7. Invitations do not always guarantee coverage

If this is an invitation to a live feature story, we request one week to promote and prepare.
We will invite a small audience to allow live Q&A and broadcast live and repeat numerous times over 24 hours before archiving on livestream.