What is Buzz.travel?

What is Buzz.travel?

Buzz.travel is part of the eTN Group and created for travel brands with a story to tell to the world.

Our writers and branding experts will produce your content based on your objectives and based on requirements to get you the widest and long-lasting coverage for your content.

Buzz.travel believes traditional media releases distributed through costly wire services are usually a waste of time and money.

Sure, if you are responsible for a brand’s message, you read your release.

How many journalists and bloggers wade through dull, corporate messaging and then provide you with coverage?  Next to none, if our own recent test of a major wire distribution service is any indicator.

Buzz.travel already guarantees to have your story prominently included on all relevant eTN publications and hundreds of partners and affiliates.

We include our in-house Forimmediaterelease wire to pitch your content to journalists/bloggers looking for compelling story ideas.

Let us do the “buzzing” on social media, one by one outreach and much more.

Let us make sure your story or release interesting, news-worthy and include the best trigger words to create wide and long lasting interest.

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Why Buzz?

We invite you to test drive our platform and services for your brand.
Changing how we engage is long overdue, no longer do antiquated PR methods work in the digital age we work in.  If you would like to influence, change a perception, reposition a product or simply release some good news, we can help you create awareness with targeted, intelligent engagement.

What can Buzz do for a travel brand, service or app?

We make it easy to share your news, change a perception or simply engage in intelligent influence marketing, but not with a traditional media release. Simply give us your news and we will distill it down to well written, original informational content for review by accredited media outlets and bloggers looking for solid story ideas.

How do I get started?

Again, it’s simple. Scroll down and send us your news, in traditional media release format or bullet points, and we’ll transform it into an original story.

What will we also do?

  • We research the best keywords to make your message effective with a long shelf life in the search world.
  • We make sure Google News will pick up your content and position it prominently in prominent keyword newsletters.
  • We provide lead coverage and give you the subject line of our breaking news edition.
  • Expect breaking news alerts with your content popping up on your home screen
  • We repeat your article prominently in our daily edition.
  • We reach out to hundreds of partners and encourage them to include your content.
  • We will start tweeting about your content and prominently include it throughout our social media network.
  • We include banners.
  • We analyze who opens your article and may repeat a version to be seen by those that didn’t notice your original content.
    • Expect a detailed report provided to you within one week after coverage.

Compare our approach and distribution with others:

  • Manual human approach compared with an automatic approach.
  • Realistic expectation compared with inflated unrealistic promises and fake reports to support such promises.
  • Focus on a long shelf life and search positioning of your story with researched keywords compared to a one time approach lasting minutes.

How much does Buzz cost?

The simple premise of a platform for brands and media also has very simple pricing.

$500.00 flat rate per story pitch for original informational content created about your brand, your subject or executives by our experts. Content posted to a wide range of relevant publications and partners including prominent lead coverage on our eTN network, publications, news-portals, and blogs.

Prominent lead or stand alone, and sometimes repeat postings on our various newsletters, wire services, and social media networks.

Need more?

  • A dedicated member of our team will personally engage in a social media conversation about your message.
  • We will include 50,000 banner impressions on our websites and newsletters linking to your article.

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